Papuan Voices (Toolkit)

DVD pack:

Printed DVD of screening quality versions of all eight videos with English subtitles and a limited edition colour booklet. Please contact us to order.

More videos from West Papua are available on EngageMedia.

Study Guide PDF (Volume I)
Study Guide PDF (Volume II)
Screening Guide PD
Torrent File (Videos with English Subtitles)


Learn More

Find out more about the current situation in West Papua through some of these selected readings:

Paket DVD:

DVD dengan kualitas pemutaran dari delapan video dengan subtitle bahasa Indonesia dan Inggris dan booklet edisi berwarna yang terbatas. Mohon menghubungi kami untuk pemesanan.

Video lain dari Papua bisa ditonton di EngageMedia.

Panduan Belajar PDF (Volume I)
Panduan Belajar PDF (Volume II)
Panduan Pemutaran PDF
Torrent File


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