Papuan Voices (Toolkit)

DVD package

Support Papuan Voices by purchasing our DVD package, which comes with all the films alongside a beautiful 40-page full colour booklet with stories and photos surrounding all the films and the project.

Please contact us to obtain a copy or buy it directly online through Paypal.

Screening quality compilations of the Papuan Voices films with English subtitles and handy study guides can be downloaded here:

Download full compilation – Direct download 

Download full compilation – Torrent file in HD quality

Papuan Voices study guide PDF (Volume I)

Papuan Voices study guide PDF (Volume II)

Papuan Voices screening guide PDF

More videos from West Papua are available on EngageMedia.

Paket DVD:

DVD dengan kualitas pemutaran dari delapan video dengan subtitle bahasa Indonesia dan Inggris dan booklet edisi berwarna yang terbatas. Mohon menghubungi kami untuk pemesanan
atau bisa dibeli online melalui Paypal

Video lain dari Papua bisa ditonton di EngageMedia.

Panduan Belajar PDF (Volume I)
Panduan Belajar PDF (Volume II)
Panduan Pemutaran PDF
Unduh Film Lengkap via Torrent File (dengan teks Bahasa Inggris)


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