10 Films Nominated for the 2nd Papuan Film Festival (PFFII)


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The committee of the 2nd Papua Film Festival (FFPII) finally declared the best ten documentary films from submissions received. These films will be highlighted and screened at the upcoming festival which will be held from 7-9 August 2018, in the capital of Papua province Jayapura. The theme of this year’s festival is “indigenous Papuans struggling in the face of modernization”.

A four-member jury council consisting of Wensiaus Fatubun, Veronika Kusumaryati and Zadrak Wamebu selected 10 best films from the submissions. Last month, a total of 19 films from various regions of Indonesia – from Asmat, Wamena, Jayapura, Keerom, Supiori, Biak, Jayapura City to Jakarta had been submitted.

Harun Rumbarar, the chairperson of the Second Papua Film Festival Committee mentioned about the selection process:

The assessments were divided into two parts – technical and non-technical aspects. the technical aspects included shooting technics, clarity of film, clarity of sound, and editing. While the non-technical aspects included ways of telling stories, the storyline itself, clarity of information, and the strength of the issues raised.

The ten films that are nominated are:

  • Cerita Ema (Ema’s story)
    by Naomi Marasian & Yuliana Marasian ( Nabire ),
  • Mamapolitan
    by Indra Siagian ( Jakarta ),
  • Kehidupan Pesisir (Coastal Life)
    the work of His Noak Sada ( Biak ),
  • Generasi Kayu Lapuk (Weathered Wood Generation)
    by Rizal Lani ( Wamena ),
  • Isi Dalam Karung (Fill in the sack)
    by Yonri Revolt ( Timika ),
  • Resep Pendidikan Papua – RPP (Papuan Educational Recipe)
    by Yosep Levi ( Yahukimo )
  • Dipenjara (Imprisoned)
    by Straky Yalli ( Timika ),
  • Maria Logo, Paud Suara Hati Ibu (Maria Logo, Paud Mother’s Heart)
    by Kathrin Oester ( Wamena ),
  • Tete Guru Kafudji (Grandfather and teacher Kafudji)
    by Dion Kafudji ( Keerom ) and
  • Nit Meke
    by Nelson Lokobal ( Wamena ).

On the last day of the festival, the best three films will be announced.

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