“Their minds were fully occupied thinking about angry teachers, that’s what confuses them. Although there are some schools that do have quality teachers, there are others that don’t… those kinds of teachers makes the children feel unnecessarily afraid and unable to be progressive”. ― David Wonsiwor

A video from our Papuan Voices II collection titled ‘Sekolah Papua’ or ‘Papuan School’, discusses the different practices in education and a gap in the Indonesian education system’s application in Papua. All the effort that has been put in so far has not resulted in empowering the Papuans in their own land.

In ‘Sekolah Papua’, the educator, David Wonsiwor, asks how the Indonesian education system first took form. He questions many details in it that have been put in place and regards them as unnecessary for a positive learning experience.

One of most critical problems in Papua is the lack of education. And it’s not only about access to it. For example, on whether lessons in school should come with lots of homework, his suggestion was to remove homework entirely as he feels that it becomes an extra burden for children. He added that children are unable to enjoy their free time to the maximum because of homework and that it also creates a climate of fear among students.

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